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Switzerland, has been synonymous with stability, security and neutrality, principles that shaped Switzerland‘s distinctively humanitarian tradition. High level of safety, very low crime rate, outstanding health-care system and a first class infrastructure make this country one of the most preferred homes for successful business people and their families. The lump-sum taxation solution is an attractive sort of taxation that is aimed at persons with foreign nationality, who are relocating their main domicile to Switzerland from abroad for the first time and at the same time do not engage in any paid activity in Switzerland.

Official Name: The Swiss Confederation

Capital: Bern

Official Language: German, French, Italian and Romansh

Surface Area: 41,277 sq km

Population: 8,403,994 (July 2020 est.)

GDP: $523.1 billion (2017 est.)

GDP per Capita: $62,100 (2017 est.)

HP Passport Index: Ranked 7th with 185 destinations visa -free access

Member of: United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA) and many other important international organizations



Living in a political, social, and economic stable environment


First-class lifestyle and healthy environment


Reliable and well organized public services


Outstanding health care system


Solid infrastructure and excellent banking facilities


For EU/EFTA nationals – The requirements for EU/EFTA nationals are straightforward once they are employed by a Swiss employer, are self-employed or have no intention to pursue a gainful occupation in Switzerland. In the latter case, applicants need to show that they have sufficient income and wealth to maintain their living expenses.
For Non-EU/EFTA nationals – In case the applicant is a non-EU/EFTA national, the procedure is more demanding, however, with our assistance, it is indeed possible to obtain the Swiss residence permit. In accordance with the current Swiss tax and immigration laws, main applicants have to meet the following requirements:


The main applicant must be over 18 years of age. Spouses and children under the age of 18 years can be included in the same application.


The applicant may not pursue a remunerated business activity or job. However, he or she can administer their private wealth or run a business outside of Switzerland.


All applicants must be free from criminal records, fraud, malpractice, financial fraud or indemnities and need to provide the required legal documents.


The applicant is obliged to pay yearly net taxes. The so called lump-sum tax (fixed tax) amount is subject to several aspects for instance the location of residence in Switzerland (canton and municipality), standard of living and others.


Our systematic and bespoke approach to your Swiss residence application is created to save you time and make the process smooth. With tools such as powers of attorneys, your physical presence during the procedure is reduced to the minimum.
EU/EFTA nationals can expect an application process of three to six, as due to their EU citizenship status which falls under the agreement on the free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland.
For Non-EU/EFTA nationals, however, the process is more demanding and time consuming and the processing time is depending on various factors. Usually, the applicants can expect a processing time of two to four months. After providing all legal application documents, your application will be submitted to the relevant authorities. IN case the application is approved, the authorities issue an entry visa for the applicants in order to enter Switzerland. After the entry into Switzerland can finally register. On approval, the applicant will receive the residence permit from the canton in which they reside.
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Important Points to Consider

The lump-sum taxation is available in all cantons except for Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Schaffhausen, Zurich and Appenzell-Ausserrhoden.

All of the above information is not intended to be immigration advice.

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