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United Kingdom


The UK is a diverse and multicultural society with exceptional global links. Although it is leaving the EU after more than four decades of membership, there’s no reason to believe that the UK’s influence in the world will wane. Certainly, the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit and high standards of education and governance are set to stay as the nation looks towards a broad-based, global future. An Investor Visa is usually granted within three weeks of application, and is the first step towards UK Permanent Residence and, ultimately, UK citizenship. The UK Investor Visa entitles you to passport-free travel throughout the Common Travel Area (CTA) of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Official Name: United Kingdom

Capital: London

Official Language: English

Surface Area: 241,930 sq km

Population: 65,761,117 United Kingdom (July 2020 est.)

Currency: British pounds (GBP)

GDP: $2.925 trillion (2017 est.)

GDP per Capita: $44,300 (2017 est.)

Member of European Union: No

Member of Schengen-Area: No

HPI Passport Index: Ranked 7th with 185 destinations visa -free access



Living and doing business in one of the most attractive places in the world


Visa-free travel throughout the UK & CTA


Political and economic stability


Access to world class health care system


Main applicants spouse and children under the age of 18 years can be included in the same application


Applications processed in as little as 24 hours


Access to outstanding educational system



Invest £2,000,000 or more in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies. The £2,000,000 investment must be made within three months of arrival in the UK.


Applicants must be from outside the EEA or Switzerland.


Main applicant must meet the eligibility criteria.


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Important Points to Consider

The UK expects the investor and their family to intend to make the UK their main home. In order to be granted indefinite leave to remain (ILR), the main applicant and their spouse should not spend more than 180 days per year outside the UK. All children who originally applied as the main applicant’s dependents will only be granted ILR if both parents are eligible for ILR.

The UK is an excellent option for sophisticated investors and their families, who will benefit from access to London, one of the world’s great cities, as well as many of the world’s leading businesses, private schools and universities.

The applicant is not required to show business experience or the ability to speak English.

UK citizenship: In order to qualify for citizenship, the family must satisfy the residence requirements, that is, to not have spent more than 450 days outside the UK in the five years prior to their application and to not have spent more than 90 days outside the UK in the year immediately preceding the application. An applicant must first achieve ILR, which is usually possible within five years, and they can then apply for citizenship within one year, subject to meeting the criteria above.

All of the above information is available in detail on the Home Office website and this information is not intended to be immigration advice.

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